PRO Gel Polish

  • Chameleon
    <p>A thermoregulated UV/LED gel polish colour. Does not require any accessories for the effect.</p>
  • Glitter
    <p>Gellifique offers a range of glitter based UV/LED gel polishes with an amazing pigment and colour saturation. From fine shimmer, encapsulated glitter to chunky glitter particles all conveniently packaged and easy to apply. </p>
  • Glass Gel
    <h2></h2> <p>Create Instagram trending #jellynails with our Glass range. These gels in a range of bright hues provide a pop of colour and a are perfect for summer time.</p>
  • Magnetic
    <p>Magnetic UV/LED Gel Polish to be used with various magnets. For best result should be used with a black gel polish base.</p>
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