<p><span style="color:#000000;">Welcome to GellifiQue LTD.<span style="margin:0px;padding:0px;border:0px;font-family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;line-height:inherit;font-size:13px;vertical-align:baseline;" lang="en-us" xml:lang="en-us"> </span>We offer a range of products including 100% UV/LED gel polish, both hard and soak off builder gel, acrylic gel, gel paints, and many more exciting products. Our color ranges are updated quarterly and we continuously monitor the nail industry for new product developments in order to bring these products to our customers.</span><span style="color:#000000;"> Rest assured that our products are certified and</span> all of our certificates, labels, product images, and other information have been submitted to the European Commission via the Cosmetic Product Notification Portal (CPNP). </p>

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